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Get started with Boorio in two different ways.

Become an Investor

Join our investment program, buy some coins and earn rewards while others do the work.

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Become a Creator

Download the Boorio Social Media App InstaCoins, post your fun stories and earn coins for every "like".


Upload, enjoy and earn. Boorio social media brings everyone together.

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The app is available on iOS devices (Android coming soon).


Open the application and signup with your email.


Confirm your details and post some fun things.


Invite your friends to like your posts and earn coins.


Crypto Poker, the next generation Poker App.

Our next app to launch is Crypto Poker. This is a Texas Holdem poker application with a difference. With tables for hundreds of different crypto coins, you can risk it all against other players, enjoy a safe playing environment all within our standard smart application experience. 

01. What is our currency based on?

We have created a crypto currency called ORIO, this is launching as BEP20 token but we also have our own blockchain for further development.

02. Why should I be an investor?

If you are an investor you buy coins on Fibswap DEx. You will earn rewards or "reflections". If you were an early investor you will earn extra rewards if you have locked your wallet.

03. How can I spend Boorio coins?

You can spend the Orio coins in the Poker application, in the Instacoin application or trade them on Fibswap DEx.

Frequently asked Question.

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